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Printpack company
Hello, dear visitors,
I'm cheif of PrintPack Sysytems company - Andrey Karetnikov. Maybe somebody already know me: we could met at exhibitions or i asked you about any equipment. Also my nick name is Kareta..
Anyway - welcome aboard of our company.
This web instrument for small companies and dedicated to semiautomatic machines for packaging and office equipment.
Maybe you are producer or reseller of this kinds of machines or just looking for same kinds of machine – I hope that our web site will helpful for you.
About our company or more about idea of this web site – this web site we making for semiautomatic equipment. We thinking that in this time all who need flexibilities but can’t spend many money to buy unnecessary high speed equipment also can look for small machines like we are.
If you producer or seller of this kind equipment – we will glad to talk with you and place useful information at our web site.
About our company:
Me and my colleagues working in field of printing, packaging equipment already 15 years. Before we were clerks of one of the biggest and perfect company, but we also saw some problems of this company and wants to change it. We understand that is possible just in case if we will make our own company. So there is result.
We don’t know how it will develop, but we very like our business, we very respect our customers and we put our hearts into our work.
So there is all that I want to tell you for now.
There is my contact information
QQ 2264722332
Skype: andreikaretnikov
Our e-mail and office phone at web site.
See you,
PS. Sorry for my English:)
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